Rest in pieces/2: 1967 Maserati Mistral 4.0


What we have here is a Maserati Mistral – with a four liter engine – disassembled years ago to be modified: fortunately for the car, the project to modify it has failed.


A substantial part of the project concerned in fact the replacement of its original engine (taken apart 30 years ago) with an American V8: to do this the previous owner has modified part of the front section of the chassis, but this modification is nothing that can not be restored with some experience and knowledge of the model.


The engine lacks carburetors (but it should be fed by the Lucas MFI) and exhaust headers, while the seller says the car is solid and that both the chassis and the bodywork show no sign of major corrosion: on the other hand there are some things that are missing: front upper bumper, rear taillights, windshield, door handles and certainly something else that will pop out only when reassembling the car. Find it for sale here in Marshall, VA, with bidding at $9,600 and reserve not met.


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