Burgundy special: 1963 Siata 1300 TS Coupé by Michelotti


This is one of the few existing 1300 TS Siata, built on the basis of the Fiat 1300/1500 and designed by Michelotti. And it has also been completely restored!


It is not a small thing because the restoration of a classic car, if done well, is very expensive and certainly in this case, the seller will not make a profit from the sale of this car because, at least as the photos show, it has been fully restored, and it also seems that the work has been done well.


Although the seller does not describe the work that has been done, it is clear that the car has been completely dismantled and restored in all its parts: the interior looks very nice (both for the color and for the finish), the paint has a color which perfectly matches the interior, the engine compartment looks very clean: at the asking price it is difficult to ask for much more than this. Find it for sale at €30,000 (today $35,000) here in Arcole, Italy.


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