Cordoba red: 1968 Maserati Mistral 4.0


Ok, we are not suddenly set with the Maserati Mistral, it’s just that everyone seems to be selling them at the same time and our job is to report them, at least the most interesting ones.


This Mistral 4.0 is something between a project and a driver: indeed the engine does not start but at the same time it is not blocked; probably it should be rebuilt but there is also a small chance that with the right care it can be started again without opening it: these are generally strong engines, with the exception of Lucas MFI which will certainly have to be overhauled.


The body is described by the seller as solid and with minor imperfections, as well as floors that are solid (as very often happens on maserati that come with a thick layer of insulating anti-chip on the underbody in the factory), the interior remained substantially original while the paint retains its original color (although it is not the original layer). Find it for sale at $125,000 here in Philadelphia, PA.


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