Back to the past: 1953 Porsche 356 Coupé


This 356 Coupé, chassis #51530, has been stored since 1996 by the same owner for over 45 years. Factory Kardex confirms matching engine and transmission.


The paint is not original though, it had a new paint (Ivory?) in the early 70’s but its original color was Fashion Grey which is still visible under the lid, however the general appearance of the package is very cool as it looks as old as it is: interiors carry the weight of the age but they’re very fascinating; maybe they only need to be cleaned but not much more than that.


The wheels too are said to have the correct date stamped on them, decks and doors have matching numbers too and the car comes with a lot of period papers: the only real “bug” of this car is the lack of the original tool roll but that can be found (it will not be cheap) on the market. Of course engine and transmission should need a check (or a rebuild) after 22 years of inactivity. of course all this originality has a price: find it for sale at $175,000) here in Costa Mesa, CA.


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