Malibù brown: 1983 Maserati Quattroporte 4.9


This is a second series Maserati Quattroporte, but it is not like all those (not many, actually) that are usually on sale: its conditions seem superb.


In fact, the seller claims that this car has traveled only 28,000 miles since it is new and has never suffered accidents and has never been repainted and has always been stored in a garage, carefully covered: this description apparently corresponds to what you see in the photos, an untouched car.


In fact one can cheat on the paint and the look of the engine bay, but you can not cheat on the interior, especially the cars of the 80s that contain a lot of plastic that deteriorates easily when exposed to the sun, not to mention the leather of the seats that looks new. Last but not least, the car still has its original books and tools but it has a small flaw though: the rims are not original, but finding a spare set should not be a big deal. Find it for sale at $25,000 here in Malibù, CA.


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