Well known: 1968 Abarth 1000 TCR


The owner of this rare Abarth 1000 TCR (where “R” is for “Radiale”, the term used to describe the hemi combustion chamber) says that this is a true works car and is well known throughout Europe.


Now, we could be wrong but we believe that just about twenty TCRs were produced by the factory and they were almost all official cars: unfortunately many of the TCR that you see around are replicas or, worse, fakes and is not very easy to an inexperienced, to distinguish a true TCR from a fake.


This particular car is actually (as the seller says) a former works car the first owner of which was Abarth & C., and it still carries the original “TO” black plate. The seller has also published a period photo in which the same car is portrayed during a race and a specialized magazine where the car is featured. A rare opportunity then, but the price is not for everyone. Find it for sale at €150,000 (today $175,000) here in Spinea, Italy.


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