Soft spot: 1967 Mustang GT 390 Fastback


Maybe because of Bullitt, or maybe just because of the car itself, but I’ve always had a weakness for the 1967-68 Mustang GT Fastback. And I don’t think I’m the only one here.


The weakness is even deeper if the car in question has a matching numbers 390 CI engine, but when that car is painted in Acapulco Blue, has the Deluxe interior package, two-tone interiors, a four speed gearbox and factory air conditioning, that’s definitely love at the first sight, also because it’s not so easy to find a GT 390 such loaded.


The seller doesn’t mention when and where the car has been restored but sure it is a restored car, he also says that the color combo is rare for a ’67 (confirming that, never seen one for sale with this combo in 15 years of ads crawling) and that the car is accompanied by the Marti Report and the original build sheet, confirming the correctness of the car. Nope, we couldn’t ask more from a ’67 – not Shelby – Mustang, and we guess that, despite the high price, it will not last long. Find it for sale at CAD 99,000 (today USD 75,000) here in Toronto, Canada.


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