Orange blood: 1963 Lancia Flavia Sport by Zagato


Here is one representative of one of the oddest italian design experiment. That’s not cute at all – at least for most people – but it’s special, and we like it just for this reason.


This particular car is pained in orange which we don’t recall to be a standard color for these cars, maybe it was a special order color, maybe it’s just faded red or maybe it has been repainted few years back according to the personal taste of one of its previous owner.


These cars have an aluminium body so it could give problems if the car has dents, otherwise you have not to worry about the rust which, of course, can corrode the floors but in this case the seller says that the floors are solid and not patched. The seller says also the body gaps are good and that the car is complete so yu can’t ask much more than that to start restoring it. Find it for sale at €29,700 (today $34,900) here in Ettlingen, Germany.


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