Red week: 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce


Yep that’s right: with the exception of monday, all this week has been dedicated to red cars, and the best thing is that most of them were Alfa just like this rare Giulietta Sprint Veloce.


Sprint Veloce 750E which is a rare car by itself, but it’s even rarer as this is said to be a 1956 car, actually one of the very few Veloce we’ve ever seen for sale produced in the first year of the twin-carbureted Bialbero. Its indeed not easy even to find a “normale” produced in that year.


As usual, the more the car is interesting, the less the photo provided: just three photos but enough to see some particular features of the Veloce like the interior door panels and the twin DCO3 Weber carburetors, but that’s not enought to define this car as correct: chassis number are engine number are fundamenal to understand if this car has the right price. Find it for sale at €195,000 (today $230,000) here in Haute-Savoie (the Alps region), France.


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