Maroon four: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1.6


This Giulia Super needs a lot of work to be perfect but, at the same time, it needs very few touches to hit the road again.


The seller says that he bought the car some years ago in New Mexico (and indeed the car looks extremely dry and that’s a very rare thing for a classic Alfa) so it comes with a NM title and a bill of sale too. Other than the body, the car looks correct and the engine too is correct for the car.


Once in life an unrestored Alfa has still the original air cleaner assembly which is very expensive if bought aftermarket; as just said the engine type 526 is correct for a Giulia Super and we actually believe that everything inside the engine bay is original. Interiors are maybe the worst part of the car but at least they’re complete. Find it for sale at $13,500 here in Newberg, OR.


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