Resale red: 1967 Fiat Dino 2000 Coupé

Screen Shot 12-12-17 at 08.46 PM

That’s not a news when we say that until 4 years ago, finding a good Dino Coupé 2000 for less tan 20K was quite a common thing, unfortunately times have changed.

Screen Shot 12-12-17 at 08.45 PM 001

Now for less than 20K you’ll be lucky if you find a good Dino Coupé to restore and almost complete, just like this one which is red with red interiors: we suspect that red was not the original color of this car which is beautiful painted in dark shades. Moreover, red on red is way too much even for the firmest supporter of this color.

Screen Shot 12-12-17 at 08.45 PM

The car is said to be almost complete with the exception of the front grille and te spare wheel, all the rest is there including the beautifully designed interiors (we like more the 2000 dashboard than the 2400 one, it’s too bulky) and the Dinoplex ignition which was often removed when it faulted. Rust on the body, of course, but very nice undercarriage. Find it for sale at $15,950 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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