Partially matching: 1960 Italia 2000 by Vignale


This is one of the Italia 2000, based on the Triumph TR3 engine, gearbox and chassis, which is going to be saved just like many of them did in the last years. This though, it’s still far to be completed.


Indeed it seems a car which had severe rust problems and then man parts have been rebuilt from scratch: there is a supplier in UK who can provide several parts to replace the old and rotten ones and that’s a very good thing, the problem here is that we can’t understand if the car has stll its original chassis.


The seller says that the engine and gearbox have matching number sand that “There, is also an original rust free, undamaged TR3A chassis that has been blasted & primed“: does it mean that the original chassis is gone? Anyway a lot of metal work has been done but there’s is still a long way ahead of the future owner. Find it for sale at £34,000 (today $44,000) here in Enfield Rock, UK.

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