Notchback: 1962 Porsche 356 B-T6 Hardtop Coupé by Karmann


The strange family of the Hardtop Coupé built by Karmann started as an experiment: initially some T5 Cabriolet bodies built by Reutter had their hardtop welded and then everything stared.


Then, differently form the T5, the T6 series (like the car here), had a body built interely by Karmann usung some parts of the coupé and other from the Cabrio: someone in the past also tried to “cut” these cars to make them cabriolet, but that’s actually a wrong move as, like it or not, these cars are rare and so they aren’t worth more when cut.


This particular car is a nice driver: it’s way far to be perfect but, at a price which is still affordable by many, it’s a nice option for who wants a car to enjoy without fear any single parking The floors arequite solid apart from the battery tray which should be replaced. The Ruby Red paint is correct but we don’t know if this is a matching numbers car: you could ask to its former 35 years long owner. Find it for sale at $59,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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