Bring a welder: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT


We’ve seen many Giulia Sprint GT in need of restoration, however this one needs actually a miracle made by a very skilled craftsman.


This car has been clearly left outside for many years and so mother nature has taken its toll on the metal of this silver GT which is now, more than a project, a parts car. However, we’ve seen beatiful restoration jobs made on cars in the same conditions so everything is actually possible. By the way, the wooden dashboard makes us suspect that this could be a Veloce.


The interiors is still there even though it has been slightly modified during the years: the steering wheel is not original but it doesn’t atter so much. The interesting area is the engine bay where as the head is not original: the “ears” on the front of the cam cover appeared in late ’66. The seller says that the car has still the original black plates and that he could provide a “spare” GT Junior for €3,000 (today $3,350). Find it for sale at €5,000 (today $5,600) here in Atessa, Italy.

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