Original yellow: 1970 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior by Zagato


This could be called “Seller’s friend submission” as who gave us this tip is actually a friend of the seller who is parting out with his three owners Junior Zagato.


The car is said to be very original with a couple of exception: the steering wheel comes from a 1600 (and we understand why: the original wheel is nothing but ugly) as well as the front bumper: this latter detail is less understandable but maybe in the past the bumper has been dented and so the decision to replace it. Who knows.


Doors and lids are made of aluminium, interiors are very nice and never redone as well as many other details like the frontplexiglass which still have the correct “Zagato” marks. The color is “Giallo Zagato”, very representative of the italian coachworks and used on many other cars built by the shop based in Milano. Everything is said to be fully working on this special car which comes along with the original jack and spare keys. Find it for sale here at €42,000/$46,000 (or near offer) here in Roma, Italy. Thanks to Andrea for this tip!


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