Belt driven/2: 1967 Glas 1700 GT


The Glas 1700 GT was probably the first road car equipped with a belt driven SOH camshaft; actually it was a little but sophisticated car which was sold for a couple of year before adopting the BMW badge.


Few were made a few remain today especially in the U.S. also because it’s not easy at all to find spare parts and whoever wants to restore it must travel a long road made of email and telephone calls to find what’s necessary to complete the job. This car, though, is solid and quite complete.


Of course the car has rust but nothing seems so serious, the metal job to do here seem quite ordinary for a fifty years old, never restored car. The engine bay is almost complete as well as the interiors which seems the worst area of the car: here too you can’t save anything but steering wheel, instruments and seat chassis. Still, this is a very interesting project. Find it for sale at $15,000 here in Miami, FL.

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