Ebony and ivory: 1957 Fiat 600 Coupé by Viotti


It’s not an easy job to build a custom body on such a small chassis, however, talented coachbuilders like Vittorino Viotti, were still able to pull the rabbit out of the hat.


Viotti is not a brand as known as Pininfarina, Ghia or Vignale but not many know that he worked a lot with those three famous brands as subcontractor, just because Viotti coachworks had the right expertise to do that. Sometimes he also made some coachbuilt cars like this Fiat 600, of which very few still survive today.


This particular car is said to be one just 20 known to survive and, most of all, to have 30,000 original kilometers, original like the rest of the car: the owner says that this is not a restored car and the only not original detail are the license plates. Actually this seems indeed a very correct and complete car, still with the original radio and many period glass stickers. We know that at least one reader has one so he could give us his judgement. Find it for sale at €33,500 (today $35,400) here in Messina, Italy.

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