Cutting edge: 1962 Fiat 2300 S


This is the first specimen of 2300S which is not in “to be restored” conditions, nor a “driver” or just a wreck like many that you see for sale around.


The seller say very few about this car but that It has been restored in the original configuration, paying attention to details: actually we can see a beautiful car bot upside and underside even though some photos of the engine bay and boot are missing.


Interiors are beautiful and the chrome shines, of course it is difficult to say how good the has the paint job been done because photos often betray the eye but we’re pretty confident that it should be at least good. The color combo is lovely but, basically, if the car has been properly restored you’ll never restore one for this asking price. Find it for sale at €38,500 (today $41,000 here in Zogno, Italy.


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