Italian stallion/2: 1967 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback

It’s very curious to find a GT 390 Fastback coming from Italy where, probably, just an handful of these cars are actually registered.

That’s even more surprising as this is one of the most wanted Mustang: the 1967 GT 390 is an icon of the american cars production of the last century, mainly thanks to the 1968 Movie “Bullitt”, featuring Steve McQueen as lieutenant Frank Bullitt and his Mustang Gt 390.

The seller says that the car has been sold new in the USA and then imported in Italy in 2009, when it had a restoration which included, other than the engine rebuild, also a complete repaint with the original green shade. Also he brake system is said to be rebuilt. The car has a manual gearbox and this is a very good news, unfortunately this car deserved to be published with more photos and details (interiors, floors, engine bay) but so far wha we like most is the asking price. Find it for sale at €28,500 (today $30,400) here in Ferrara, Italy.


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