Braced for shipping: 1959 Lancia Appia GTE by Zagato


The seller says that the car has been braced for shipping: that is a wise move as the car has a rotten chassis and the risk of bending the car is very high.


We don’t spot a GTE to restore for sale since at least two years ago: these cars are very rare and by now mostly restored so this could be one of the very last in these conditions: bad conditions as there is nothing on this car which doesn’t need to be fixed or replaced.


The floors are long gone and most of the chassis will need to be replaced with pars coming from a “stock” Appia; the rear screen is missing as well as the front bumper and the rear left corner is missing like it has been bitten by a shark. Many parts have been packed but we suppose that many trims could be missing, the good is, in the end, that the original engine and gearbox are still into the car and that’s a good news. Find it for sale here in Berkley, MI, with bidding at $10,300 and no reserve price.


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