Flawless: 1965 Porsche 356C Coupé


“Another one to restore” we thought when we’ve seen the thumbnail of this 356C which looked like a car just like many other 356: a lot of rust and few things to save.


Actually this car is has been (almost) totally restored: the owner wanted for sure to preserve the “ratty” look without compromising reliability and safety: the the decision to restore leave the “unfinished” look over the body which is, of course, painted with a layer of clear coat.


The floors are perfect as well as the interiors (even though the steering wheel horn button is missing), the engine comes from a 1600S so it’s not correct but at least it has the same power output of a “C” engine; whatever it is, who buys this car has no illusions to buy a Pebble Beach car but a car which, for sure, will turn many heads. Find it for sale at $65,000 here in West Palm Beach, FL.

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