Belt driven: 1967 Glas 1700 GT by Frua


The Glas 1700 GT engine had a special feature: it was the first unit, installed on a “mass-produced” car, which camshaft was driven by a belt instead of a common timing chain.


Not bad for a car built in 1967 when even things like the mechanical fuel injection was adopted only by few race cars and having four disc brakes installed by factory on was a rare thing. The four cylinders engine fed by two carburetors was then fitted in a body designed and built by Frua coachworks in Turin, Italy.


This particular car is said to have been somehow restored in the eighties and it is also said not to run: actually the overall conditions, at least in photo, look nice: no apparent signs of rust, good chrome, even better interiors- Maybe the paint has some issues but any paint would have issues 20 (or more) years after it was sprayed. However, the car has still the warranty book and the owner’s manual which are two nice things for any enthusiast. Find it for sale here in Vancouver, Canada, with bidding at $3,700 and no reserve price.

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