Steal if real: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super


We can’t know if this car is a replica or not; for sure the seller says that it’s a 1964 TI Super which has been also featured in the October issue of a french historic racing magazine.


What actually puzzles us is the asking price way below the market value for this sedan produced in only 501 specimens in order to have the homologation for the Turismo Internazionale (hence “TI”) european class; of course many of them passed away and very few survived until these days.


The TI Super had some features like the engine type 516, producing 112 hp and four disk brakes, Campagnolo 15″ wheels along with special seats which are not with this car anymore: actually this car is fully sorted to race so it has competition seats and a roll cage but those are details as if the car has the correct chassis and engine number, all the rest is just a detail. Find it for sale at €30,000 (today $32,500) here in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France.


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