Fresh but not clean: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce


This Giuietta Spider Veloce (chassis #1495F*11641) is one of the last produced with the 750 chassis (although it’s not an SWB car) and indeed the engine installed is a type 106, typical of the later models.


The seller says that this car has been pulled fresh by a barn where, actually, it was not so guarded from elements as it is very rusty and few of the original metal could be rescued: there is rust everywhere but, at least, many of these parts can be retrieved by two-three specialists in Italy who can provide you with whatever you need for these cars.


The soft top chassis is still with this car (born white) and that’s not a detail as it’s very difficult to find. What we can’t understand is why the engine, which is said to be a Veloce type 106, has a single carburetor setup. Unfortunately we aren’t abe to spot the exhaust mainfolds to check if they’re correct for a Veloce or not; ofcourse the simpliest way to know it is to ask it to the seller. Find it for sale here in Wallingford, CT, with bidding at $4,155 and no reserve price.

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