And yet it moves/2: 1960 Fiat 600 Multipla


This 600 Multipla looks like a desperate patient and yet the seller says that the engine runs and that the car rolls and steers properly.


That is for a simple reason: if you didn’t ever had a Fiat built up to the late seventies, you don’t know how solid these cars are: even though the aspect could deceive, these cars are built extremely well, with cheap but very smart solutions which allow them to run indefinitely if properly serviced: go figure how many 500’s still are used as daily drivers in Italy just now.


Of course this car needs quite a lot of metal work which will be not cheap, on the other side many parts for the engine are easily retrievable (in Italy, of course), including one glass which is missing. Interiors need to be redone as well but luckily vinyl is not expensive. The car has a clear title so you can register it wherever you need. Find it for sale here in Bogata, TX, with bidding at $2,850 and no reserve price.


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