Invest in silver: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce


It seems that, suddenly, many Veloce have been unearthed at the same time: maybe the sellers are not so glad of this, on the other side we are.


This one (chassis 1495*7008) is said to have been dragged out from the barn where it sat during the last 12 years because the owner passed away. It’s of course a car to restore but we actually we like it as it seems very complete, including a coat of silver paint which covers the original white this car was painted of.


The seller says that the car had, years ago, a “wannabe” restoration so the interiors have been upholstered with a creative vinyl, the body painted in silver and the wheels in black. It seems also that some body areas have been fixed but we believe that this s a car to be stripped down to bare metal in order to perform a proper rotisserie job on it. Many details are correct for a Veloce (instruments, air filter assembly, “F” letter on he firewall and round voltage regulator) very complete. Find it for sale here in Freeport, IL, with bidding at $20,000 and no reserve price.

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