Roasted but complete: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce


This GTV comes from San Diego, CA, where it has been for sure parked under the sun for many years: the result is a roasted car which, however, is complete at the same time.


This car should have been born painted in a beautiful Dark Pine Green which is almost gone now: we can spot many traces of it and we can imagine how good could it look mated to the light brown interiors which this car has (had). Apart from these things however, the car has many positive things to appreciate.


The first thing we can see is that the car looks complete: it seems that basically no part is missing, both inside and outside (where it seems the the driver’s door handle is missing); the engine bay too is not clean but it has all the original parts including the expensive air filter assembly. The seller say that the car has bondo on it but that’s usual on these cars which, actually, began to rust yet when they leaved the factory assembly line. Find it for sale at $15,000 here in San Diego, CA.


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