Lack of knowledge: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce


We didn’t expect to find a seller who doesn’t know exactly what he’se selling but, nonetheless, it still happens, and again with an Alfa.


Indeed last year we published a Giulietta Veloce for sale as a “Normale”(and sold at the same price of a “normale”), while today the seller of this GTV (chassis #AR*252855) sells it as a “105.36” which is, as all the alfisti know, a Giulia Sprint GT Veloce.  But, apart from the production code, the three bars front grill, the seats and the wooden dashboard clearly identify the fastest stepnose produced (GTA not included).


However, there are some problems with this car: the first one is the body which has, of course, a lot of rust and so it needs to be redone bottom-up, but the real problem here is the lack of the original type 536 engine which is the real valued added to this car: yes, you will find one but you’ll need time and money. Find it for sale here in Louisville, KY, with bidding at $9,300 and reserve not met.

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