The Mexican: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint


As long as we can remember after 850 articles, this is the second Alfa coming from Mexico and residing in California: the first one was a Giulietta Spider while this is (chassis AR 1493.07413) a Sprint “Interim”: indeed it still retains some elements of the type 750 (instruments cluster, rear “airplane” license light) but most parts belong already to a type 101.


This car is said to be delivered new to Mexico and that’s one of the reason why it is described as very dry. The seller also says that this car never had accidents ad that it has been restored during the last two years: it’s impossible to say how good the restoration was just looking at the photo but for sure this seems a car which can be joined as is.


Two things about the interiors: the seller says it has been upholstered with leather but that’s plain wrong: none of these cars could have been ordered with that option and, even then, the stitching pattern is not correct, also on the door panels. A nice touch is the special steering wheel (it seems a Peretti, not a Nardi) which fits perfectly on this car. Find it for sale at $38,000 here in Sausalito, CA.

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