Mistery Car: Find the name


Update, same day: As Alejandro correctly says, this is an Autocars Sabra Sport Spider. Thanks Alejandro.

This time not only we didn’t ever know this car existed, but even now we can’t understand what car is it.


The only clear thing about this car is that there’s a british car under that strange body ( probably made of fiberglass): during the ’50s and the 60’s many were the “experiments” made on MG and Triumphs and this looks one of those.


Of course we could be wrong: all elements bring us to England but basically, in the classic car world, everything is possible. The seller says to contact him to know more about the conditions and the price which is set at €20,000 (today $22,300). Of course if you know what car is please tell us. Find it for sale here in Rogno, Italy.


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