Forgotten: 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce


This 1750 GTV is said to be a car which has been forgotten in a corner of an Alfa Romeo dealership for the past 40 years: it is said to have been always been stored in an enclosed space but the rust wee see tell us another story.


Indeed we know well that these cars are prone to rust even if they are properly stored but the rust we see on this car goes way beyond the “usual” corrosion of a car stored indoors: the front end is seriously corroded and it’s not the only place where this car needs to be patched.


The good is that the car looks complete: we see that every part, including the precious seats (also used on the GTA Junior) are still with the car: of course also the interiors must be redone but the fact that they’re still there is a thing. We can’t see how the floors are but we could know the answer. Find it for sale here in Kissimmee, FL, with bidding at $6,900 and no reserve price.

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