Compact luxury: 1955 Fiat 600 “Rendez Vous” by Vignale


This is one of those little cars which were made on demand by some special client who wanted something special without spending a lot of money. back then the market demand was huge for this kind of cars (in relative terms, of course) but the overal numbers were not high at all: the seller says that 20 of these were made: we’re pretty sure than much more than 20 were made but for sure no more than 20 still survive now.


The seller of this car is not the owner: indeed the car is advertised on a french ads website but he says that this car is part of a private collection in Milano, Italy. It needs a total restoration but it seems a solid car: it misses some external trims (very hard to find) but the seller says that it also has a spare set of Borrani wire wheels and original papers and plates. No asking price for this car but, according to us, you shouldn’t spend more than $25,000 for this car. Find it for sale here in Milano, Italy. Thanks to german reader Marco for this tip.

7 thoughts on “Compact luxury: 1955 Fiat 600 “Rendez Vous” by Vignale

  1. the grandson of Vignale , engineer Zannellato confirmed that only 20 examples were built . I do not understand the fetching of your assumptions . In addition, the current value is much higher than what you wrote in the article …. maybe you ‘d like to buy at that price . !!! But at that price there are only pictures !


  2. The assumption is made as we have seen five or six cars for sale during the last five years so, considering how many of these cars were scrapped in the past the total production could be greater than 20. We believe that mr. Zanellato told that 20 were made but fact is that the Vignale coachworks registers went lost many years ago, so there isn’t a confirmed proof of that number. Of course 20 cars could be a reliable data. The price: little more than two months ago another Rendez Vous has been put for sale :
    They asked €35K for a complete and working car (the ad is still online, so probably the car has not been sold so far) so we believe that our guess is not that wrong.


  3. Belle voiture ! j’ai vendu l’année dernière des 600 Rendez Vous en Amérique à 85.000 euros ! État évident de concours ! Chaque année de dépassement le chiffre hausses mais sont malheureusement indisponible en vente…


  4. Hi, Robert!
    What are you missing?
    -some ‘unobtainable’ smaller parts could be laser-printed, too, if an original could be scanned.
    -trim pieces should not be that hard to reproduce either…
    I co-own one here with a friend, the 1959 ‘Stockholm Auto Salon’ car, as exhibited by Vignale.
    -this car had originally a tuned 750 Abarth engine, when the previous owner’s father bought it from Vignale at the show stand.
    -if anyone has photos of the Stockholm show in ’59, or of any other show like Turin or such from 55/56 onwards, I would most appreciate. I assume Vignale might not have used many cars to show around, so it would be nice to know what color the other cars were!…


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