2nd of eleven: 1969 Murena GT


We thought that we wouldn’t have seen another Murena GT (after having published a black one for sale on Ebay a couple of years ago) for sale in the next years but here it is another one.


Differently from the black one, which seemed a survivor in top conditions, this one (VIN #6900414) has the typical look of a car abandoned in a courtyard for years, with some parts disassembled but in overall fair conditions. The seller says that this car is one of eleven made (the seller of the black Murena talked about ten cars) and that Elvis and Dean Martin had one, as they loved the Italian look but they wanted a big american V8 under the hood as well.


About this car, the seller can’t say anything about its previous ownership so finding who was the first owner it’s up to you; in the meantime the car seems to have complete interiors, including the Jaeger clocks and the Personal steering wheel; seats and trims look original and so the dashboard: we believe that what really matters is with the car, the remaining parts to be replaced should be “business as usual”. Find it for sale here in Inglewood, CA, with bidding at $17,000 and reserve price apparently met.

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2 Responses to 2nd of eleven: 1969 Murena GT

  1. Cargirl says:

    That is the ugliest car I have ever seen. Maybe something the Italians would like to forget.


  2. Classicvirus says:

    Ah ah beauty is in the beholder’s eye, isn’t it? 😄


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