Rare bird: 1973 LMX Sirex HCS


This car is basically unknown to most classic cars nuts, and that’s because it was produced for no more than five years and only 35 specimens saw the light.


It was the fiberglass era and so many enterpreneurs tried to produce their own “supercars”; unfortunately building a car, selling it and having a profit it’s not a game for rookies, so also this adventure born in Milano, Italy, quit in less year than an hand fingers. Indeed the car was shown for the first time in 1968 but the production began in 1968 but it stopped in 1972 after only 15 cars produced by Eurostyle coachworks in Torino, then the remaining 20 chassis’ were bodied by another company mostly for the swiss market. The engine of this car, an inline-six Ford 2.3L engine, produces only 108 HP but at least this is a light car.


This particular car looks very nice: a striking color combination, a shiny paint and a beautiful tan interior which is featured by the typical “futuristic” italian design of the late sixties. Unfortunately thsi car misses its bumpers, both on the front and on the back; don’t make yourself illusions, you won’t find spare bumpers on the market: it would be easier to find a Ferrari GTO at $1M. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $61,500) here in Chiari, Italy.

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