Almost Daytona: 1960 Caribee TR-4


This is the very first time we see this kit car about which we don’t know anything but that it’s based on Triumph TR-4 Engine and chassis. 


But, apart from its platform which is for sure very reliable and easy to fix like every british car of the time, what is astonishing about this car is how much it resembles the shape of the Shelby Cobra Daytona: we can’t believe this kit car is antecedent because if so, that would simply mean that the Cobra Daytona has been copied from this car: the rear end in particular, has basically the same shape of the famous Shelby.


As regards the rest of the car, it’s made of fiberglass so , of course, the only parts to be worried of are those made by Triumph: not a big deal however because, as just said, it’s easy to find parts for these cars. We like the wheels too (and again we can’t recognize them): they fit well under this body. Unfortunately the only interior photo is blur so you can’t only glimpse the outlines inside. This is definitely a very nice toy to put back on the road. Find it for sale at $10,000 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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