Veloce heart: 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


For sure some holes all around an unrestored Giulietta Spider are not a news as, with the exception of an handful of these cars, a Giulietta could rust even if stored life-long in an enclosed space.


Of course when you see the first photo of a car like this the first thing which comes to mind is about how much metal work would be needed: we suppose that this car needs no more than “usual”. The seller says that all parts, with the exception of seats and soft top canvas, are with the car even if the rear bumper is seriously rusted and probably not salvageable.


The curious thing is about the engine: the seller says that the engine is original but we aren’t agree at all with him. Indeed what we can see from the photo is the correct cats for a Giulietta and a couple of Webers with the correct air intake: the whole assembly seems taken from a Giulietta Veloce, which is not a bad news at all. Find it for sale at $19,000 here in Fredericksburg, VA.


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