Jet-Set summer: 1964 Fiat 600 “Jolly” by Ghia


This is one of the most iconic car of the sixties: jet set personalities like Aristotile Onassis, Giovanni Agnelli and Yul Brinner and many more had one, mostly to load it on their yacht or as kart for their mansions.


Now VIPs have other expensive toys, but few of them got the style and refinement of these little cars built by Ghia starting from a drawing made by Sergio Sartorelli. The dinasty of these cars began using a Fiat 500 as platform, but then the 600 took the heritage and around of 500 of these toys were sold. Not much for sure but, as just said, these were toys for rich and extravagant boys.


This car is said to be reimported for the U.S. and to be in quite perfect conditions: even if it weren’t, this is not a car which need an hige effort to be restored: for suer you’ll need a specialist for its wicker seats but the rest of the car is just a Fiat 600. The point here is to verify if this is the real thing: the special bumpers designed for these cars are correct, but few checks more are needed. Find it for sale at €18,000 (today $20,000) here in Catania, Italy.


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