SOHC Coupé: 1958 Moretti 750 Tour De Monde


The cars produced by Moretti always arouse interest, either because of their peculiarities, or because of the fact that Moretti’s production has always been semi-artisan and limited and, for this reason, little known.


What we have here is one of the “small” ones produced by the Turin workshop: a car built entirely by Moretti that, unlike many other small manufacturers, has not recycled a Fiat chassis and engine: a rather courageous choice as in in this way it was not possible to optimize design and production costs and, in fact, the 750 Tour de Monde cost, in 1956, more than a Fiat 1100-103.


The car covered by this article (chassis # 3075) appears to be of American origin (at least so the instruments on the dashboard tell us), the seller says that the car has been fully restored and has only covered 190 kms since the restoration. There is no other information relating to the engine which is correct but we do not know if it is original: understanding this should be easy enough since the engine number should coincide with the chassis number. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $39,000) here in Vercelli, Italy.


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