Thin paint: 1959 Devin “D” Porsche


This car (chassis # DD7-6) is one of the fantastic Devin D produced in the 50s using Porsche mechanics and, apart from the paintwork, it doesn’t look bad at all.


The truth is that little of the pint has remained (it seems that the original color was Porsche silver 6206) as someone has sanded the bodywork, certainly as a preparation for a new paint job. However, we had to admit that the current body color has a nice, and almost artistic, patina: probably if we had this car we would not paint it.


The part we appreciate most are the interiors: often when these Devin D are found, the interiors are completely stripped: there are no seats and instruments, and sometimes the entire dashboard either. This car in fact has very complete interiors and, last but not least, a fantastic Nardi steering wheel of the time. The bad news? This car has no engine so you must add the price of a rebuilt Porsche engine to the bulk. Find it for sale here in Quarrata, Italy, with bidding at €18,000 (today $20,200) and no reserve price.


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