Gas Monkey link: 1967 Intermeccanica Apollo GT


For for the uninitiated, the seller of this car is mr. Dennis Collins, friend of Richard Rawlings who is actually the main character of Discovery Channel “Gas Monkey garage” reality series.


And we guess that this Apollo GT has been discovered by Rawlings who has some scouts around the country who find cars for him. Said so, the main focus here is, of course, about the car which is an Apollo GT (chassis #AC103969MD) built in 1967 by Intermeccanica and sold new in the US where it went around many states before being abandoned and let rusted to the poor conditions in which it appears now.


Generally these cars are not much expensive to restore as long as they’re complete: this car has still its valuable set of Borrani Rims, Jaeger instruments and part of the interiors; the american V8 on the front is not an exotic unit so it isn’t expensive to rebuild but the chassis and the body are actually in very poor conditions and they will need hundreds of skilled man hours to go back to the original conditions. Mr. Collins says that these are beautiful when restored and we agree with him but here there is a long and expensive road to walk. Find it for sale here in Wylie, TX, with a buy it now price of $19,800.


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