No surprises: 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


Actually when you’re going to buy a car completely disassembled and stripped to bare metal, you know that you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you but, at least, you’ll have no surprises from your purchase.


That is the case of this early Giulietta Spider (chassis #1415.01109) which is said to have been bought in the actual conditions: the previous owner told to the seller that the engine has been rebuilt (and indeed, at least from the outside, it looks good) but we didn’t understand if it’s original with the car.


The body has been partially fixed on the sills but there’s still a lot of work to do: it seems that the car was hit on the driver’s side rear fender and then fixed with lead. The car comes with a lot of parts (also ripped off by another 1956 Giulietta Spider which lied in the barn near to this one); for sure someting is missing but you’ll have fun searching for those. Find it for sale here in Neenah, WI, with bidding at $5,000 and reserve not met.

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