More than patina: 1956 Porsche 356A Coupé

“Patina” is a term that is too often overused: it is in fact used for a wide range of conditions, from the perfectly preserved and original car to the one that has rust holes.

In the case of this Porsche 356 (chassis #57011) we are talking about patina but in reality there is a lot to do as the car has lived almost its entire life in the mid-Atlantic area and consequently had to suffer the impacts of the climate during the last half a century, and the latter has left scars here and there.

However, there are excellent news for those wishing to undertake the purchase and then the restoration of this car: first of all the fact that it is a specimen that still has its original engine and this gives it a 20% more in itself. of value compared to a “nom” specimen. Furthermore, the Aquamarine Metallic color with which this Porsche came out of the factory is certainly one of the most desirable on an A. Find it for sale at $97,500 here in Astoria, NY.


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