Precious seats: 1963 Moretti 750 Coupé


That’s not the first time we publish a car like this one: we’ve published another one few months ago but this later car is even a more refined model.


What has astonished us is seeing the front seats that basically are the scaled version of the ones installed into the Lancia Flaminia Coupé/cabriolet by Touring: this says a lot about the care used to build these little cars even if they were not as expensive as Lancia.


The goal of Moretti (and of every coachbuilder who built specials like this) was to give to the owner a chance to stand out of the crowd without spending a fortune: as many cars like this were sold back then it means that the little specials market was very healthy. This car needs a total restoration but, as it happens for most italian projects, it’s not rotten: the good is that it’s so tiny that you don’t need a huge work to fix it. Then, there are the seats alone which are worthy to be saved. Find it for sale at €3,000 (today $3,300) here in Isernia, Italy.

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