Bad to the bone: 1978 Alfa Romeo Alfetta by Mikylauto


It’s quite rare to stumble across a car tuned by Mikykauto, one of the most famous italian tuner of the ’70s and ’80s, so we didn’t know that he tuned also sedans like this Alfetta.


The seller says that actually this car was initially prepped by Autodelta, but then the owner wanted a special touch in order to stand out of the crowd so he gave the car to Mikylauto to add that touch.


The result is a very “bad” Alfetta, fully improved inside and out with the help of a body kit, race suspensions and, of course, a beast under the bonnet. There are a couple of period photos of the car and a photo of the engine after a recent rebuild: the seller says that it’s clearly visible the engine bay of another Alfetta as the engine has been installed in another car for a test drive. We wonder if the car still carries the aluminium “Mikylauto” badge (which, if you find it, it alone will cost you more than $1,000) but, other than that, this car is a true collector piece. Find it for sale at €68,000 (today $76,500) here in Sciacca, Italy.

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