White whale: 1968 OSI 20M TS 2.3 Coupé


We’d like to publish more odd cars like this one, unfortunately in the later period these have became quite rare to spot and when you find them, often their price are unaffordable by most people.

ScreenShot002This car indeed is till affordable even if it’s not perfect. The seller says that this has been delivered new in Italy but due to the cancellation from public car registry it has no more its original black plates but a brand new registration and plates. That’s not good but quite acceptable for a rare car like this one.

ScreenShot003It looks also quite solid even if it’s clearly visible a metal patch on the rear end floor: the paintjob looks quite superficial and should be redone properly; interiors are good but they need a detailing job and a new period radio. Considering that the seller says that the engine turns well, we find that the asking price is fair. Find it for sale at €12,000 (today $13,200) here in Como, Italy.


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