Nothing’s missing: 1969 Datsun 510


There are few ways to sell a car: most of the seller, i.o.o., believe that the car will sell itself but most times they’re wrong.


Indeed it’s a well known rule (by marketing people) that you don’t sell a thing but the dream related to it: the seller of this little japanese hot-rod has understood it perfectly, and indeed he has provided a lot of photos and video: the last one can be found here.


Of course he should be a true passionate of these cars: the amount of work done on this car is remarkable and you need money and time to replicate it; indeed he says the the engine has been completely overhauled using by Troy Ermish Racing using an L22 head, and now it produces nothing less than 200 hp: a lot, on a car like this. Of course it has a five speed gearbod an a lot of improved parts: it would be too long to list them here, but the ad is very detailed. The asking price is not a gift but we doubt that you could replicate the same car for the money asked. The only think we don’t like is the steering wheel: we would replace it. Find it for sale at $22,500 here in Vallejo, CA.

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