Mileage not guaranteed: 1967 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Coupé


The seller says that the mileage of this car is not guaranteed: chill out, we actually don’t need to know how many kilometers have been done with this car as it needs a total restoration. Unfortunately the photos are not good and made in very low resolution: sometimes we believe that some people must pay for any given picture taken.


This car is actually the more desired of the 1st series E-Type as the 4.2L cars had several improvements, like the alternator and a reliable four speed gearbox which was fully synchronized, differently from the previous unit installed on 3.8L cars (a.k.a the “Moss Box”) which needed an hammer to be managed. This car is one of the last of the 1st series, so it should have a chassis number greater than 14xxx.


The seller says that this car is laying in a garage since many years, and it has some holes on the floors (that’s absolutely usual on these cars). It also says that he will give a new leather interiors set and new roof upholstery. The first rule to follow for a total restoration is finding an honest car: this seems a good candidate. Find it for sale at €26,500 (today $36,000) here in the Loire area, France.

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