Tired lady: 1964 Fiat 1500 GT Coupé by Ghia


Update, October 8: Almost a record sale for this car which seems to have been sold in one day.

We have published another 1500 Ghia for sale here: in that case the car was in beautiful shape although it missed the front badge; in this case the car is in worse conditions but it has a set of period Borrani Record wire wheels which are worth alone at least $3000. This car seems to wear the original paint: nice shade. However, the car looks complete from the outside.


As it’s clearly visible, the body has several rust spots especially near the trunk lid: the seller says that the car needs to be restored but it wouldn’t be such hard work, as the car doesn’t look so bad. You must consider that restoring the wire wheels alone isn’t cheap and it’s mandatory to watch some detailed photos of the usual areas in which rust grows, also, you must be sure that the interior trims must be in place because they are very hard to find. Said so, find it for sale at €10,000 (today $13,600) here in Paese, Italy.

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