28 years owned: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce

The bigger sister of the Giulia Spiders is also the rarest, with just over a thousand copies produced, so it is difficult to come across an example for sale.

In fact, one was sold at auction last August for an amount of $ 130,000 and, in our opinion, it was not an extraordinary example, so this light blue car takes on very interesting connotations, despite having some defects. The seller says he has owned this car (chassis #390165) for 28 years and has driven 35,000 km in that time frame.

35k kms in 28 years is very little for a normal car, but not too few for a classic car, however that tells us two things: this must be a reliable car, and its owner enjoyed it to the fullest. We notice two things in particular: the head that comes from a newer engine and the leather interior; the latter is valuable but we do not know that it was an option contemplated for this model. Last but not least is the color, not easy to find on this model. Find it for sale at €75,000 (today $73,000) here in Tolouse, France.


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