Two more doors: 1959 Fiat 600 “Lucciola” by Francis Lombardi

The fiat 600 is a very small car, and it is obviously for this reason that it was designed with only two doors, but obviously someone did not agree with this choice.

That “someone” was Francis Lombardi, owner of the homonymous Piedmontese body shop that in the following years became known above all for his works based on small cars, generally Fiat but without disdaining other brands. His idea was to add two more doors to the two already present, obviously shortening the latter: certainly not an easy job, yet he managed to complete it even if, probably due to the price increase, this model was not successful: perhaps less than ten specimens exist today.

This Lucciola (“Firefly”) has been fully restored respecting the original color scheme, the seller says. White and green are a beautiful combo that also includes the interior; the badges and the aluminum profiles are all in place, as well as the front grille made for this specific model: the appearance of the car is generally very clean but obviously, don’t think you can pay for it like a normal 600. Find it for sale at € 35,600 (today $ 35,500) here in Reggio Emilia, Italy.


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